Trucker busted in Massachusetts for hauling cocaine

Updated May 31, 2020

A Texas trucker was arrested in Massachusetts Sunday, May 24 after being stopped by troopers who found 30 bricks of what they say is cocaine.

Massachusetts State Police arrested Javier Robledo Perez, of Dallas, after they found some 30 brick-shaped objects wrapped in black plastic in the truck’s cab, according to court documents.

A report of the incident says troopers pulled over the tractor-trailer at the Charlton service plaza on the Massachusetts Turnpike after the truck entered the highway from Interstate 84 going 50 mph in a marked 35 mph zone, court documents said. Troopers also witnessed the truck, which was headed eastbound, switch lanes forcing other vehicles to brake to avoid a crash.

Perez granted the troopers access to search the truck. Troopers called the FBI Boston Strike Force after they found the brick-shaped objects in the truck’s sleeper. FBI agents searched the truck and found a second box that reportedly contained more bricks, which were tested and found to contain cocaine.

Perez is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, June 2, according to court documents.