Expect more cargo theft over upcoming Labor Day weekend

Updated Sep 2, 2020

Cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard warns trucking companies and drivers of increased activity by cargo theft rings over the upcoming Labor Day weekend, which begins Friday, Sept. 4.

The firm also warns that coming on the heels of Hurricane Laura on the Gulf Coast, carriers and shippers of building supplies “should be particularly vigilant.”

During Labor Day weekends between 2015 and 2019, the firm recorded 2.2 thefts per day, which is 15% higher than non-holidays during the year.

To guard against cargo theft, SensiGuard recommends verifying the authenticity of all shipment-related activity, particularly when asked to either move or store a shipment. The firm also recommends keeping communication between drivers and shippers throughout the load.

SensiGuard warns that truck stops, rest areas and distribution centers are frequent targets for cargo thieves, so drivers should try to find lots with controlled access, adequate lighting and more. Additionally, if loads must be left unattended, drivers should make them as secure as possible with theft-resistant locking/sealing mechanisms for both tractors and trailers.