Here’s your chance to say what’s troubling you

What issues concern you most about the American trucking industry?
The American Transportation Research Institute wants to know. The trucking industry research organization, today launched the 2020 Top Industry Issues Survey. The annual survey asks members of the trucking industry to rank the top issues of concern for the industry along with potential strategies for addressing each issue.
Industry stakeholders are encouraged to complete the survey available through ATRI’s website by clicking here. The survey will remain open through Oct. 16, 2020.
Now in its 16th year, ATRI’s annual analysis not only ranks the issues overall but also provides details on where critical topics are ranked differently by motor carriers and professional drivers.
“Completing this survey only takes a few minutes, but its impact can be immeasurable,” said ATA Chairman Randy Guillot, president of Triple G Express and Southeastern Motor Freight, New Orleans, Louisiana. “The data ATRI provides maps a course for the industry to speak with a collective voice on our most important issues.”
The results of the 2020 survey will be released October 27, 2020 as part of the American Trucking Associations Virtual Management Conference & Exhibition.

Overall survey results from ATRI’s survey last year showed the top 10 issues to be:

  1. Driver Shortage
  2. Hours of Service
  3. Driver Compensation
  4. Detention/Delay at Customer Facilities
  5. Truck Parking
  6. Driver Retention
  7. ELD Mandate
  8. Compliance, Safety, Accountability
  9. Transportation Infrastructure/Congestion/Funding
  10. The Economy

Commercial drivers and the companies they drive for had considerable differences of opinion between what each saw as the leading concerns. Commercial drivers made up 35.3% of the respondent pool, which totaled 2,119.

Here’s how commercial drivers ranked the issues:

  1. Driver Compensation
  2. Hours of Service
  3. Truck Parking
  4. ELD Mandate
  5. Detention/Delay at Customer Facilities
  6. Speed Limiters
  7. Driver Training Standards
  8. Driver Distraction
  9. Transportation Infrastructure/Congestion/Funding
  10. Autonomous Truck Technology

Motor carriers accounted for 51.1% of those who responded to the survey.  This is how they ranked the issues:

  1. Driver Shortage
  2. Driver Retention
  3. Hours of Service
  4. Compliance, Safety, Accountability
  5. Transportation Infrastructure/Congestion/Funding
  6. Detention/Delay at Customer Facilities
  7. The Economy
  8. ELD Mandate
  9. Insurance Cost/Availability
  10. Tort Reform