1,400 Teamsters on strike at Hunts Point

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Union workers at the massive Hunts Point Produce Market in the Bronx in New York City are in the fourth day of a strike for more money.

Some 1,400 workers, members of Teamsters Local 202,  walked off the job Sunday, Jan. 17 over a request for a $1 per hour raise and improved health care benefits. The workers are drivers and dockworkers. Their three-year contract expired earlier this month precipitating the first strike in 35 years at what is considered the largest produce market in the world.

Supervisors have been delivering the 300,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables that goes to stores and restaurants in greater New York City every day.

Monday night, Jan. 18, six picketers, all members of Teamsters were arrested by New York City P{olice for being in the street in front of the market and not on the sidewalk as they walked the picket line.