Trucker busted with $28.5 million of meth

Updated Jan 30, 2021

A truck driver was arrested recently for trying to cross the U.S.-Canada border with 500 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in his load of produce. Valued at some $28.5 million (Canadian and $22.3 million U.S.) it is said to be the largest meth seizure at a land border crossing on record in Canada.

Canadian Border Services Agency officers arrested the driver, 38-year-old Amarpreet Singh Sandhu, of Calgary, Canada on suspicion of importation of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking. The stop and arrest occurred at the Sweet Grass border crossing in Coutts, Alberta north of the Montana border on Christmas Day.

The CBSA said Sandhu was released from custody on Jan. 14. He is set to appear in court again in February.