Pennsylvania to enforce weather-related truck restrictions

Tn truck In Winter (1)

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation this afternoon announced it will impose restrictions on some truck travel starting in the early hours of Thursday morning, Feb. 18.

PennDOT announced that beginning at 1 a.m. Tier 1 restrictions (empty commercial vehicles) will be placed on:

  • I-70 (MD State Line to I-76)
  • I-83 Entire Length
  • I-81 (MD State Line to I-78)
  • I-99 Entire Length
  • I-283 Entire Length

 Tier 1 restrictions (empty commercial vehicles) will be added at 4 a.m. on:

  • US 22 (I-78 to NJ State Line)
  • PA 33 Entire Length
  • I-78 Entire Length
  • I-80 (I-99 to NJ State Line)
  • I-81 (Extending: MD State Line to I-84)
  • I-84 Entire Length
  • I-176 Entire Length
  • I-380 Entire Length