Pilot unveils enhanced driver app and loyalty program

Updated Mar 31, 2021
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Pilot Company announced today the launch of its revamped app and loyalty program, myRewards Plus.

"Now with myRewards Plus, we are able to provide drivers with more of what they need and want while on the road," said Mike Rodgers, chief technology officer at Pilot Company. "We are always working to enhance the experience for our guests and are introducing the myRewards Plus app to simplify how drivers can earn more, save more and make the most of their stops when they visit any of our locations." 

Available to be used at more than 1,000 Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers and One9 Fuel Network locations, the myRewards Plus app combines the features of the Pilot Flying J app and the company's myRewards card to create an enhanced digital loyalty program that rewards drivers with more when they join the app.

The benefits and features of myRewards Plus include: 

  • More points: Earning up to four points per commercial diesel gallon is now a permanent tiered points program for professional drivers in the myRewards Plus™ app. To start earning more, activate the tiered points program in the app every month and with each qualifying fill, the earnings level will increase by a half point per gallon up to four points. After just six fills, drivers keep earning four points per gallon for the rest of the month. On average, this adds up to $450 worth of points per year that can be redeemed on Prime Parking, showers, supplies, food and drinks.
  • More savings: All drivers can save money on the road with exclusive daily and weekly offers on food, snacks, beverages, and supplies. With the drink club, members earn a free dispensed beverage or dispensed coffee on every 10th drink purchase. Professional drivers can also still earn shower credits and Shower Power with myRewards Plus. 
  • More convenience: Features to help drivers plan ahead and save time at every stop include trip planning with navigation and location amenity filters, contactless payments and digital receipts. Professional drivers can reserve showers, book Prime Parking spaces and initiate mobile fueling from the comfort of their cabs.

"Especially today, the need for utility features that promote health and safety, such as digital receipts, touchless payments, and mobile fueling, are critically important and we will continue to explore more ways to expand our app's capabilities.," said Rodgers.

To download or update the myRewards Plus app visit pilotflyingj.com/rewards.