FedEx Freight wins major awards at New York driving competition

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Drivers for FedEx Freight took home several top prizes in the Trucking Association of New York's annual truck driving skills competition held recently in Syracuse.

John Jadrossich was the event's grand champion and won the 3-axle and pre-trip inspection events. Another Fed Ex Fright driver, Mark McLean won the written exam award and the twin trailers event. Ray Waage won the flatbed event.

FedEx Freight also took home the team trophy.

 John Levine-Pritzker of Walmart Supply Chain, was named rookie of the year.

Winners in each category advance to the National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championships in Indianapolis, Aug. 16-20.

TDC Event Winners and their scores:

Step Van: Patrick Collins, FedEx Express (402)

3-Axle: John Jadrossich, FedEx Freight, Inc. (400)

4-Axle: Marty McMahon, RIST Transport, Ltd. (378)

5-Axle: Estevez Oliver, Martin Brower Company (368)

Flatbed: Ray Waage, FedEx Freight, Inc. (396)

Tanker: Zachary Bourque, HazMat Environmental Group (373)

Twin Trailers: Mark McLean, FedEx Freight, Inc. (348)

Sleeper Berth: David Cady, Walmart Supply Chain (285)

SuperTech Winners

Overall: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Written Exam: Kenneth Myers, Johnson Equipment Sales & Service, Inc.

Annual Inspection Procedures: Adam Wagner, Speed Global Services

Brakes: Jeremy "Bo" Colf, Regional International

Coolant &DEF: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Drive Belts: Adam Wagner, Speed Global Services

Electrical: Mike Brutsch, Kenworth Northeast Group

Engine: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Fasteners: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Precision Measuring: Jeremy Hine, Don Oralls Garage

Preventative Maintenance: Joseph Catlin, Mohawk Truck, Inc.

Tires: Jeremy "Bo" Colf, Regional International