Publix Super Markets driver wins Florida driving championship

Man with trophy
David Guinn,
Florida Trucking Association

David Guinn, a driver for Publix Super Markets, won the grand championship title in the recent Florida Trucking Association's Truck Driving Championship competition. He also won the five-axle competition.

The top finishers in all of the classes were:


  • First Place: Miguel Sanchez, UPS
  • Second Place: Cruz Vazquez, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Third Place: Rob Kent, Walmart Transportation


  • First Place: Jorge Alfonso, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Second Place: Tony Schmidt, Publix Super Markets
  • Third Place: Salvador Gonzalez, TForce Freight


  • First Place: David Guinn, Publix Super Markets
  • Second Place: Danny Bradley, Walmart Transportation
  • Third Place: Dexter Brooks, Old Dominion Freight Line


  • First Place: Glenn Hosegood, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Second Place: Steve Cochran, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Third Place: Paul Cleary, FedEx Freight Corporation


  • First Place: Anthony Tirone, Walmart Transportation
  • Second Place: Edward Pennington, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Third Place: Tyler Payne, UPS

Straight Truck

  • First Place: Becky Nelson, FedEx Express
  • Second Place: Wilbur Johnson, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Third Place: Jonathas Resende, FedEx Freight Corporation

Tank Truck

  • First Place: Sheldon Brown, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Second Place: Chris Leiphart, Eagle Transport Corporation
  • Third Place: Myles Riddle, Walmart Transportation


  • First Place: Leslie Smyth, FedEx Freight Corporation
  • Second Place: Bill Paulson, UPS
  • Third Place: Glen Gibboney, UPS

Step Van

  • First Place: Michelle Poirier, FedEx Express
  • Second Place: David Wright, FedEx Express
  • Third Place: Jimmy Falkenburg, FedEx Ground

Auto Transport

  • First Place: Daniel Ruiz Jr., Southeast Transportation Systems
  • Second Place: Ricky Maylon, Hansen & Adkins
  • Third Place: Joey Maylon, Hansen & Adkins


  • Anthony Tirone, Walmart Transportation (Sleeper Class)

Rookie of the Year 

  • Brandon Orozco, FedEx Express (5-Axle Class)

Large Team

  • FedEx Freight Corporation

Small Team

  • Old Dominion Freight Line

Written Test had four perfect scores:

  • Henry Mahler, Yellow (Twins Class)

  • Edward Pennington, FedEx Freight Corporation (Sleeper Class)

  • Becky Nelson, FedEx Express (Straight Truck Class)

  • Jottyn Santos, FedEx Express (5-Axle Class)

2022 Driver of the Year and 2022 Drivers of the Month

The Drivers of the Month and Driver of the Year are selected based on several items, including the driver's safety record, professional experience, community leadership, and acts of heroism. The 2022 Driver of the Year:

  • Jose Ramos, Oakley Transport

2022 Drivers of the Month

  • January: Anthony Hudson, Florida Rock & Tank Lines

  • February: Jose Ramos, Oakley Transport

  • March: Clifford King, Exxact Transport

  • April: Fred Combs, Walmart Transportation

  • May: James Hall, Trans-Phos

  • June: Paul Medders, Walmart Transportation

  • July: Jeffrey Widdows, UPS

  • August: Andrew Barford, Oakley Transport

  • September: Keith Campbell, Florida Rock & Tank Lines

  • October: Clifford Laymon, Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation

  • November: Dennis Hayward, Exxact Transport

  • December: Gary Barton, Sr., UPS

Florida Truck Driving Championships Hall of Fame​

  • Eric Blandford

  • Emily Cupit

  • Avi Figueroa

  • Chuck Lobsiger

  • Roger Nicholson

  • Frankie SiliĂł