Briefly: Idaho truck stop gives truckers free Thanksgiving meals

Boise Stage Stop truck stop

Once again, an Idaho truck stop will say "thank you" to truckers today.

The Boise Stage Stop in Idaho hosts its annual driver appreciation event today, Thanksgiving Day. The highlight is a free Thanksgiving meal for truckers.

Anyone with a valid commercial driver's license will receive a free meal. They will also be qualified for prize giveaways during the trucker appreciation event.

Those who do not have a CDL can still purchase a holiday dinner — the cost is $19.99 for adults and $14.99 for kids. 

The Boise State Stop is located at 23801 S Orchard Access Rd, Boise just off Interstate 84.

Wyoming reports results of October inspections

The Wyoming Highway Patrol recently shared the results of its commercial; vehicle inspection activity during October.

During 658 inspections, including 278 Level 1 inspections, violations officers found included:

  • 78 for operating a commercial motor vehicle without proof of a periodic inspection
  • 59 for false report of driver's record of duty status
  • 55 record of duty status (general/form and manner)
  • 51 inoperable required lamp
  • 36 miscellaneous traffic law violations
  • 35 no/discharged/unsecured fire extinguisher
  • 32 ELD -- no record of duty status (ELD required)
  • 28 clamp or roto type brake out of adjustment
  • 27 driver failed to manually add shipping document number
  • 25 carrier name/DOT number not displayed as required

The highway patrol also said it issued 48 decals for clean Level 1 inspections.


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