Briefly: Washington state law provides truckers with bathroom access

Updated May 26, 2023
Public restroom signs

Starting July 23, shippers and receivers in Washington must provide truckers with access to existing bathrooms thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Jay Inslee.

The new law says truck drivers must be allowed to use an existing bathroom facility located either on the premises of or operated by a shipper or receiver if the restroom is intended to be used by their employees or customers.

The bill received considerable bipartisan support in both the state Senate and House.

The law says:

  • restrooms must be located in an area where providing access would not create an obvious health or safety risk to the motor carrier
  • there must not be any obvious security, health or safety risk to the shipper, consignee or its employees.
  • a shipper or receiver is not required to make any physical changes to a restroom
  • the shipper or receiver may require that an employee accompany a driver to the restroom
  • the state Department of Health can issue a warning letter for a first violation of the new law and a fine of up to $300 for a subsequent violation

Cops break up huge diesel theft ring; 16 people charged

Authorities in Texas say 16 people were part of a months-long scam last year during which they stole and resold 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

The Texas Financial Crimes Intelligence Center said the ring is likely responsible for as many as 60 separate thefts from Houston-area filling stations from February to October of 2022.

 Reports of the thefts say the group used what is called pulsar tampering to manipulate fuel pumps to dispense more fuel than what they were charged for. Then, they would resell the fuel to truckers at a lower price and not charge taxes.

The suspects are charged with engaging in organized crime and evading motor fuel tax, both first-degree felonies If convicted, the 16 suspects could face as much as 99 years in jail.

Driver arrested for interrupting truck repossession

A Florida trucker was arrested Wednesday when he threatened an employee of a repossession company who was in the process of recovering the driver's semi.

The incident took place in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the trucker used his personal vehicle to follow the repo man, who was driving his semi. The trucker fired a shot and forced him out of the semi and drove to a nearby residence. Jerome Hadden, 41, was apprehended by police and charged with carjacking, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

No injuries were reported.


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