Winter storm possible in much of the Eastern U.S. this weekend

Big rig with ice on the front

If predictions hold true, truckers could face difficult driving conditions from the Great Lakes to New England and for much of the Interstate 95 corridor this weekend.

A possibly major storm moving across the country from west to east could deliver a mix of high winds, rain, and snow for much of the East. It is expected to move from the Southwest into the Central Plains and across the South before turning towards the Northeast later in the week.

Light to moderate snowfall is expected in the southern Rocky Mountains, Kansas, and parts of northern Texas and the Oklahoma panhandle. Rain is expected across much of the South, before the storm, if predictions are accurate, heads north over the Appalachian Mountains and Atlantic Coast.

Snow is expected Saturday night through Sunday over the Great Lakes, the Northeast, and all of New England. If conditions are right, a nor'easter could develop over parts of the Eastern seaboard.

Forecasters say the amount of cold air over the Northeast when the storm arrives will determine how much and where snow will fall.

Accuweather warns, "Motorists venturing along Interstates 64, 68, 70, 76, 79, 80 and 81 should expect travel conditions to quickly transition deteriorate, transitioning from dry to wet, slushy and snow-covered into Saturday night."