Tolls increase by 5% on Pennsylvania Turnpike starting Sunday, Jan. 7

Updated Jan 10, 2024
Pennsylvania Turnpike sign

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will increase tolls by 5% on the turnpike at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 7.

The most common toll for tractor-trailers will increase from $14.40 to $15.20 for E-ZPass users and from $29.40 to $30.90 for Toll by Plate users.  

After the increase is applied, E-ZPass and Toll by Plate rates for passenger and commercial vehicles will round up to the nearest dime.   E-ZPass drivers will continue to get the lowest rates, saving nearly 60% on tolls. 

Drivers can check toll rates for travel on the PA Turnpike here.

The commission approved the increase for E-ZPass and Toll by Plate customers last summer.

“Our annual toll increases directly support the escalating Act 44 debt service we have had to manage due to the mandates of Act 44 of 2007,” said Rick Dreher, the turnpike commission's CFO. “However, even given that significant financial management challenge, our per-mile toll rates are lower than national toll averages and remain in the mid-range among the 47 toll roads in the U.S.”

With the state’s passage of Act 44 of 2007, the Turnpike was obligated to pay PennDOT $450 million per year to fund non-Turnpike transportation needs around Pennsylvania totaling $8 billion since 2008. Though the payments have been greatly reduced, and no new Act 44 debt is being accrued, the Turnpike must continue to raise tolls to pay the resulting escalating Act 44 debt service due through 2051, the commission said.