Woman truck driver featured in 'She Is PepsiCo' promotional campaign

PepsiCo driver Ruthanne Sir
PepsiCo driver Ruthanne Sir

Today PepsiCo announced two Tennessee women as honorees in its third annual She is PepsiCo campaign, which spotlights women in frontline careers with the company.

Timed with Women's History Month, the program aims to increase representation for women in traditionally male-dominated roles by re-branding some of the company's highly-visible delivery trucks with the names and faces of She is PepsiCo honorees in place of its brands.

PepsiCo Beverage North America (PBNA) employees Ruthanne Sir of Nashville, Tennessee and Kathy Marks of Knoxville, Tennessee are among the two dozen honorees across the country being recognized in this year's program for their excellence in jobs such as truck drivers, mechanics, merchandisers, and warehouse loaders, among others.

"Representation is a powerful force for future generations of women entering the workforce," said Heather Hoytink, president, PBNA South Division. "Through She is PepsiCo, we are celebrating the women on our frontlines, like Ruthanne and Kathy, who are changing the face of our company and our industry. As these trucks travel across Tennessee, we hope to empower the next generation with the knowledge that their career options are unlimited, even in frontline roles."

A 2023 Gartner survey showed that women made up 41% of the total supply chain workforce, up from 39% in 2022. However, the same survey also found that when you look specifically at frontline representation in the supply chain workforce, women filled just 31% of these roles.

PepsiCo recognizes the importance of women seeing the opportunities available to them. Beginning today, Tennesseans can be on the lookout for PepsiCo semi-trucks wrapped with Sir and Marks' smiling faces rolling through their communities and bringing PepsiCo-favorite products to store shelves.

As part of the campaign, the company hosted special truck unveiling events where each honoree will see their name and photo on a PepsiCo truck for the first time alongside their colleagues and local leaders.  

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Today at the company's downtown Nashville facility, PBNA CEO Ram Krishnan and PBNA South Division President Heather Hoytink joined Sir and dozens of her colleagues, friends and family for a celebration to recognize her for her achievements as part of the company's Nashville Sales team.

"The impact of women in our community every day is immeasurable, and I appreciate PepsiCo for highlighting Nashvillian Ruthanne Sir and other women in front-line roles as part of their She is PepsiCo campaign," said Mayor Freddie O'Connell. "The representation of women in front-line roles is essential. It enriches our community and supports a future where all women have the opportunities they deserve to lead and succeed."

"I am overwhelmed to receive this honor," said Sir, a 63-year-old resident of Nashville who joined the company three years ago. "I hope that seeing my face on this truck will inspire other women in Tennessee to believe in themselves and the power of hard work."

On Wednesday, a similar event and truck unveiling was held at the Knoxville PepsiCo facility to celebrate Kathy Marks, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran and Forklift Operator. The 18 year-company veteran was joined by co-workers, friends and family on hand for this special recognition.

A cancer survivor, Marks represents the strength of women on the frontline and she hopes to encourage other women to pursue similar careers at the company.

"Congratulations to Kathy Marks, an Air Force veteran, 18-year PepsiCo employee, and proud forklift operator," said Mayor Indya Kincannon. "I'm so glad that the She is PepsiCo campaign is focusing on and celebrating the hard work, grit, and get-'er-done spirit of the company's front-line women. A lot of East Tennesseans in the coming weeks will be seeing a photo of Kathy, all smiles and hard at work, thanks to the wraps on the delivery trucks."

"Never give up. If a wall is in front of you, go over it, under it, around it, or knock it down," said Marks, a 60-year old resident of Knoxville. "Your efforts and relentlessness will get you where you want to go."

Learn more about She is PepsiCo here.