FMCSA to survey truck drivers on whether they wear seat belts

Updated Jun 14, 2024
Seat belt

Federal regulators want to know if you're wearing your seatbelt.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Wednesday it will conduct a survey of commercial motor vehicle drivers on seatbelt use. 

In a notice published Wednesday, June 12, in the Federal Register, FMCSA said, "Existing data on the usage of safety belts and perceptions related to road safety do not capture the diversity of different types of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers in a post-coronavirus disease 2019 national emergency landscape.

"Understanding safety belt usage and perceptions of road safety among CMV drivers will assist FMCSA in gauging emerging trends among this cohort and will inform future messaging and communication efforts targeting CMV drivers."

Federal law has long required drivers of commercial motor vehicles to wear seat belts. In 2016, a new federal law required passengers in commercial motor vehicles to also be properly restrained.

Eligible participants are self-identified CMV drivers residing in the United States with internet access. The agency estimates it will take respondents about 10 minutes to complete the survey. FMCSA estimates some 1,060 drivers will respond to the survey.

FMCSA said the results are not intended to be disseminated to the public, and the information gathered will not be used for the purpose of substantially informing influential policy decisions.