Check out 3 Netflix series with women who are cops

“Happy Valley” is a popular British crime drama on Netflix.

Gone are the days of, Sgt. Joe Friday asking sternly for, “Just the facts, Ma’am,” on “Dragnet.”

Netflix streams several solid cop dramas with women who are police detectives. All are dark and not the kind of thing you necessarily watch at night alone in your sleeper berth with the lights out. But, they are entertaining.

The Fall

Gillian (“X Files”) Anderson is Metropolitan Police Superintendent Stella Gibson, who is investigating a serial killer attacking young women in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Happy Valley

Another British crime drama, “Happy Valley” stars Sarah Lancashire as police Sgt. Catherine Cawood, who is struggling with numerous personal issues that intersect with a kidnapping she is investigating.

The Killing

“The Killing” is the Americanization of a Danish TV series about homicide investigators Sarah Linden played by Mireille Enos and Stephen Holder played by Joel Kinnaman.