Canadian woman trucker weighs in on defensive drivers

Writing on the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada website recently, woman truck driver Sandy Long wrote:

“Recently the question was asked, ‘Why do drivers get so defensive?’ The thread where this was asked was about how some (drivers) in social networking pages and forums get hot under the collar so quickly during discussions.”

Long the went on to answer that question, and concluded with this:

“So, why do truck drivers get defensive so easily? It might be because we are under attack from all sides, by people with special agendas, even by our companies, which are only to our detriment. It might be because we are totally off balance due to our jobs, the ways we are treated and the economy. It might be because by the time we have time to get online to try to relax, we get fed up quickly with finding the same sort of attitudes against us even there, where we are in control and can express ourselves freely. It is a safety valve of sorts in some ways and in other ways, the only way we can feel we can fight back.”

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