Need some inspiration? See these women on Netflix

Pilot Nia WordlawPilot Nia Wordlaw

Every now and then, even the most confident among us needs a little inspiration, we need to see someone like us doing something exceptional.

Streaming on Netflix right now is such a video, called “The Women’s List.” The video tells the stories of 15 exceptional women, everyone from actor Rosie Perez to politician Nancy Pelosi.

“The Women’s List was originally part of PBS’ American Masters series.

Profiled are:

    • Laurie Anderson, artist
    • Sara Blakely, entrepreneur
    • Margaret Cho, comedian
    • Edie Falco, actor
    • Elizabeth Holmes, scientist and entrepreneur
    • Betsey Johnson, fashion designer
    • Alicia Keys, singer-songwriter
    • Aimee Mullins, athlete and fashion model
    • Nancy Pelosi, politician
    • Rosie Perez, actor
    • Shonda Rhimes, writer-producer
    • Wendy Williams, talk show host
    • Nia Wordlaw, pilot