‘Fun size’ Halloween candy still loaded with calories

snickers-halloween“Trick or Treat!”

Those three words may as well be, “Sugar! Fat! Calories!”

While there is nothing wrong with a little sweet indulgence every now and then, just keep in mind that Halloween candy can hang around long after the ghosts and goblins have faded. Snacking on the little “fun size” candy bars as you drive along can add up.

Here’s a quick list from the nice folks at Popsugar of some Halloween favorites and their impacts on your waistline:

Candy Bar Calories
Snickers Peanut Bar 130
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 110
Whoppers 100
Take 5 100
100 Grand 95
Peanut Butter M & Ms 95
Reese’s NutRageous 95
Peanut M & Ms 90
Pay Day 90
Mr. Goodbar 90
Butterfinger 85
Baby Ruth 85
Almond Joy 80

Use the comments section below to tell us what your favorite Halloween candy is.