Sweat With Kayla app offers workout planner, meal plan

Screenshot from the Sweat With Kayla appScreenshot from the Sweat With Kayla app

Diet and exercise combined can return huge health rewards, but if you don’t have experience watching your diet or knowing exercises getting started can be a difficult process.

Sweat With Kayla, an app from personal trainer Kayla Itsines, calls itself as the world’s biggest female fitness community.

The app offers everything you need to take control of all aspects of your health. It has a workout planner with preplanned workouts, or you can edit the workouts to your own preferences. It has a meal planner with preplanned meals and weekly shopping lists so you know just what you need to buy to stick to the plan. You can log progress photos in-app and keep them private for side-by-side comparison or share them with app’s community or friends and family.

The app’s other features include:

  • Minimal or no equipment required workouts that can be done in 28 minutes
  • 300+ pages of educational content to help you learn about fitness and nutrition
  • Weekly workout and weight loss trackers

Sweat With Kayla is a subscription app available for $4.61/week ($19.99/month). You can try it free for 7 days. It’s available for iPhone and Android.