Fuzz remover refreshes your favorite sweaters

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover (Image Courtesy of Gleener)Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover (Image Courtesy of Gleener)

You know how it goes: You buy a nice, warm sweater, but after a couple weeks of wear they start to get pill and get fuzzy. You can pick the fuzz off, but it’s an impossible battle to win.

A quality fabric shaver can revive your favorite garments when the fuzz becomes too much to handle. The Ultimate Fuzz Remover from Gleener removes fuzz, lint and pet hair from fabrics. It comes with three different shaver edge options to compensate for different kinds of fabrics. There’s also a built-in lint brush to help finish up the job.

The Ultimate Fuzz Remover can be used on just about every kind of fabric, including sweaters, gloves, sheets, vehicle seats and more.

It’s available from Gleener online for $19.99.