Freeletics app has over 900 bodyweight exercises

Freeletics Bodyweight app screenshotsFreeletics Bodyweight app screenshots

When you’re tired of your regular bodyweight exercise routine, Freeletics Bodyweight can help you find some variety with its database of over 900 bodyweight exercises. The workouts vary from 5-30 minutes in length. There’s always something for your schedule, whether you’re done driving for the day or just trying to get some quick exercise in at the fuel island.

The workouts are completely based on bodyweight, meaning you don’t have to carry any equipment in your truck. The app includes a digital coach, fitness test to measure your fitness level, a weekly workout plan based on your schedule and levels and a 2×2 option. The 2×2 option adjusts your workout so that you only need 2 by 2 meters of space in which to train.

In-app videos show you how to complete each exercise so you know you’re doing things correctly.

The Freeletics Bodyweight app is free for Android and iPhone devices.