Keep oil in the pan with splatter guard

Frywall’s Silicone Splatter GuardFrywall’s Silicone Splatter Guard

Cooking in your truck means getting creative with the limited space you have. Unfortunately, because cab space can be so tight, it can be impossible to keep oil from splattering all over if you’re cooking with a frying pan on a portable stove or hot plate.

You can keep oil and other cooking liquids from popping out onto you and your truck with the Silicone Splatter Guard from Frywall. It looks somewhat like you placed a dog cone over your pan, but the high walls let you access your food while cooking without worrying about any splatter. It cleans quickly with soap and a rinse. It collapses down flat for easy storage.

The Silicone Splatter Guard is available in a 10-inch size for $21.95 and a 12″ size for $28.95. It is available on The Grommet, where it launched sales after a successful Kickstart campaign.