App reminds you to ‘Don’t Leave It!’

Dont Leave It AppGetting ready to get out the door or get on the road often means doing a mental pre-trip of yourself and the stuff you’ll need:

  • Wallet? Check!
  • Keys? Check!
  • Smartphone? Check!
  • Paperwork? Check!
  • Hat? Scarf? Gloves? Boots? Check! Check! Check! Check!

And, that’s just the everyday easy stuff.

If you need help, consider the smartphone app called Don’t Leave It!

This app uses geofencing to send you a, “Hey, do you have your phone charger?” sort of reminder if you try to leave without it. It even includes a built-in list of common items you can click on.

At the moment, it’s for iOS devices only. It’s supported by in-app ads, which you can have turned off for 99 cents.