Wrist wallet holds your stuff when you work out

Even when you’re going for a run or walk, it’s a good idea to have some vital items with you:

  • smartphone
  • some cash or credit card
  • you driver’s license and/or other identification
  • keys
Banjees wrist wallets come in several sizes, styles and colors.Banjees wrist wallets come in several sizes, styles and colors.

But, you may not have enough pocket space for all of that.

Valerie Ciptak solved that problem by creating the Banjees, a simple, fabric, hands-free wallet that slips over your wrist.

Made of poly-Spandex, Banjees are machine washable and wick away moisture as you workout.

Banjees cone in several styles and sizes; the Big Banjees has two pockets and the Touch Mesh Banjees lets you dial your phone or use apps without taking out your phone.

Available online in many colors for a variety of prices, depending on size.