Who needs a gym when you’re handling your own freight?

Updated Feb 22, 2017
Rebecca Heck (Submitted photo)Rebecca Heck (Submitted photo)

One woman driver appears to have found the key to staying fit in a profession that can cause health problems for some people: Doing her job.

As a dedicated driver for the past 10 years, Rebecca Heck has racked up some impressive statistics and accomplishments:

  • She recently became the 100th woman driver to log 1 million accident-free miles for Werner Enterprises
  • She took second place in her class at the Nebraska State Truck Driving Championships in 2015
  • She has trained more than 118 students and has been named Trainer of the Month multiple times
  • She has served as a Werner Road Team Captain, working to improve communication processes for the office, fleet and customer

Impressive as those accomplishments are, there is one more that has led to her attaining her wellness goals:

  • Heck has offloaded more than 62 million pounds of freight during her career with Werner.
Rebecca Heck (Submitted photo)Rebecca Heck (Submitted photo)

Heck added that the physicality of her jobs keeps her on her toes. She said she has never worried about renewing her DOT physical and that her increased energy helps her enjoy home time as a wife and mother of four children.

“Adequate exercise keeps me more alert and safer behind the wheel while providing me with more endurance,” said Heck.

Heck said that she gets a full body, cardiovascular workout just doing her job. As a result, she said she has 0 percent body fat in her back muscles and her lung capacity has improved as well.

“I’ve seen improvements in my weight, balance and overall energy level and a major increase in my muscle mass from working on this type of account,” said Heck.

Heck recommends similar dedicated accounts where the driver unloads to other professional drivers who want to upgrade their lifestyle.

“A career that keeps you moving is a career that keeps you prosperous, safe and a better loved one to your family,” said Heck.

In addition to helping keep her fit, Heck said being on a dedicated account allows her to have a much more personal relationship with her customers and operations team.

“Not only is it my home away from home, it is also my family away from my family,” said Heck. “We are a team.”