Hear how to be healthy; see how to eat well on the road

Need a little diversion at the end of a long day in the driver’s seat?

Fire up your smartphone, tablet or laptop and check out the latest episode of Champagne and Queso, the podcast starring singer/songwriter and fixture in the trucking world Lindsay Lawler and fashion blogger Carla Antonelli.

Lydia WenteLydia Wente

The two say, “In this podcast, we are joined by lifestyle coach Lydia Wente who teaches us how to live healthy, quiet the chatter in the mind, avoid ‘dieting,’ and form a healthy relationship with food. We learned SO much from Lydia and love the idea of choosing a health focus over a weight loss focus. This episode will speak to anyone who wants to feel better in general … and who doesn’t?!”

You can see some of Wente’s videos here.

And, while you’re taking it easy, check out truckers Tamera and Todd Sturgis, the folks who produce Trucking Is Glamorous on Facebook. They were on the Indy Style TV program talking about and demonstrating how they cook in their truck while on the road.