In case you have business questions, there’s help online

If you own your own fleet, are an owner-operator or are considering becoming one, there doubtlessly will come times when you need some help. Sure, you have the whole truck driver thing down pat, but you may need a few pointers when it comes to the dollars and cents side of things, the business of doing business.

There’s business help online for women.There’s business help online for women.

Luckily, you can get a lot of good advice and most of your questions answered by firing up your smartphone or tablet at the end of the day and visiting any of these websites. Some offer general business advice, while others are aimed at the woman in business or the one considering starting on her own. And, you’ll also learn how to keep your job from taking over your life.

These include:

The Small Business Administration has a portion of its site dedicate to women. The site can offer advice as basic as developing your business plan to how to finance your business. And, this is the place to start if you want to apply for a Small Business Administration loan. is an online magazine that covers all aspects of being a mom of also works outside the mom. While it has plenty of lifestyle content, it also is a good source for newsletters, seminars and other opportunities to improve your business skills.

Emerging Women wants to help women develop their leadership skills. It also holds online webinars that can provide inspiration and just good advice on being successful.

I Want Her Job lets you learn from women who have been successful in their careers. While you may not find a lot of other women truck drivers represented here, you will get insights into the lives of successful business women. The site also offer practical advice on wellness, quick meals, relationships and keeping your work and your life in balance.

ATBS may not be aimed just at women, but it’s an essential resource for owner-operators, and our sister site Overdrive offers its helpful Partners In Business series.