Here’s a chance to voice your opinion on key trucking issues

Updated Apr 7, 2017
The ATRI survey wants to know what you think about highway congestion.

The American Transportation Research Institute wants to know what you think on a variety of topics.

The organization collected driver surveys at the Mid-America Trucking Show last week, and is also giving drivers the opportunity to take the survey online. It covers, among other things, drivers’ thoughts on:

  • Highway congestion, including which three cities where it’s the worst
  • The importance of improving highway infrastructure
  • Tolls as a way to pay for highway improvements
  • Pay, home time and other things that influence staying in the industry
  • What has improved highway safety

“Driver involvement is so critical to ATRI‘s research and we were extremely pleased with the number of surveys completed at MATS,” said Rebecca Brewster, ATRI President and COO. “We encourage drivers to spend a few minutes completing the online survey so that driver opinions are included in the research on these timely issues.”

You can take the survey online here.