Driver & vlogger says farewell to trucking but not the road

Allie Knight hangs up the keys … sort of.Allie Knight hangs up the keys … sort of.

Allie Knight’s cheerful video salutation, “Good morning, internet,” is a thing of the past for the trucking industry, accessible now only as part of her online history.

As she said in a comment to one of her more recent videos, “I’m not driving trucks anymore, gang. My focus has shifted to a different form of travel and a new adventure.”

Knight, the truck driver/videographer who amassed thousands of followers for her quirky videos of life on the road, has traded in the keys to her truck, Lazarus, for a set to a mammoth RV. And, she has given up her job as a driver to make videos full-time.

Knight has created a page on Patreon, a crowd-funding website for artists, musicians, craftsmen and filmmakers. Fans can learn more about what Allie is up to and support her work.

Good luck, Allie!