A go-to cooking website if you have food allergies

Food blogger Heather ChristoFood blogger Heather Christo

Eating should be easy, and for most women it is. They eat what they want with few real concerns.

Then there are many Americans — actually 4 percent of the population, according to a new report — who have to be especially careful of what they eat because they have food allergies. Eat the wrong food and they may feel mildly ill or face life-threatening symptoms.

Still, eating three square meals a day — and snacks in between — doesn’t mean that folks with food allergies can’t eat well or must skip creative and tasty dishes.

Heather Christo has made it her mission to provide a wealth of food allergy information on her website along with a cookbook’s worth of recipes tailored to those who have to worry about eating gluten, dairy, peanuts, eggs, soy, shellfish and other items of food. Christo also explains allergy testing and what to do if you suspect your children may have food allergies.

Christo also has a line of baked goods for those with food allergies called Heathermade available in some Costco stores. She also sends an email newsletter with updates.

Suspect you may have a food allergy? Check out what the Mayo Clinic says on the topic.