Ex-trucker reunites driver with her ride-along cat

Updated Jun 21, 2017

It took a former trucker to help reunite a woman driver with her ride-along cat, who went missing in Virginia recently.

WTKR-TV reports that driver Sharon Griffin made a stop in Hampton Roads, Virginia and when she wasn’t looking her ride cat Freddie rolled down the window of the cab and got out.

“I looked everywhere, all over the parking lot. He could have been under cars,” Griffin told the TV station. “Oh, it was horrible. It was just horrible because he’s my baby.”

While Griffin had to get to her next stop, Jimmy Frost, a former trucker himself, got a message on Facebook from a cat rescue group. Griffin’s daughter in Arkansas was trying to help locate Freddie.

Frost said he had a hunch where Freddie might be and went out late that night on a cat hunt. He saw Freddie, approached him and was able to even pick him up. Frost sent a photo of the cat to Griffin, who’s dispatcher managed to get her a run back to Virginia where she and Freddie were reunited.