3 stretches to help create healthier hips

Updated Sep 4, 2018

We lust for six-pack abs, bulging biceps and buns of steel. But, when push comes to shove, it may be more important to have healthy hips. Hip fractures and other injuries can be debilitating, especially for older adults.

Fitness goddess Denise Austin, who is AARP’s exercise ambassador, has three relatively simple exercises to help create more flexible and stronger hips.

Butterfly Stretch
The AARP says, “Sitting on a small pillow on the floor, place your hands on your ankles and let your knees relax out to the sides. Sit nice and tall. Place your elbows on your knees to feel the stretch through the groin area; alternatively, place your hands behind your hips and press up.”

Hip Opener
“Try this exercise to stretch the hips and buttock muscles,” says the AARP. “Sitting on a small pillow on the floor, bring one leg out in front of you and place the other leg behind you. Flex your feet and slowly fold down over the front leg.”

Hip Flexor Stretch
According to the AARP, this “stretch will help keep your hips strong, flexible and properly aligned. Kneeling on a small pillow, put one foot forward with your foot flat on the ground. While keeping your back straight, reach your opposite arm forward and flex your buttock muscles.”

Hold each for 30 seconds on each side and repeat.

As with starting any new fitness routine, it’s best to consult with your health care provider before trying this workout.