Just how many calories are in that candy bar?


Yes, it HAS been a long, arduous day behind the wheel. And YES you DO deserve to indulge yourself. But, before you grab that candy bar — or two of them — on your way back to your rig from the truck stop, consider how many calories there are in those little bundles of chocolate joy. We’re not saying don’t treat yourself every now and then. But, when you do, just remember the impact that little indulgence will have on your efforts to eat well and maybe lose a few extra pounds.

279 Calories279 Calories

232 Calories232 Calories

250 Calories250 Calories

220 Calories220 Calories

228 Calories228 Calories

288 Calories288 Calories

240 Calories240 Calories

149 Calories149 Calories

222 Calories222 Calories

273 Calories273 Calories

230 Calories230 Calories