Road rage incident will leave you asking yourself, ‘Why?’


The driver of a Hummer appears intent on causing the driver of a tractor-trailer as much inconvenience — if not downright bodily harm — as possible in a road rage incident that occurred recently on I-20 between Odessa and Midland in Texas.

Media reports say the driver of the SUV claims the trucker tossed a can of some sort out of his truck and it hit the Hummer. What ensued was a dangerous game of highway cat-and-mouse. Every time the tractor-trailer tries to pass the Hummer, the SUV swerves, brakes and blocks his way.

“There’s no reason to be endangering the entire motor public on the interstate just because of the empty can or a can that was thrown out. It didn’t cause any damage to a vehicle,” Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter told TV station KWES.