You can have dessert and still eat healthy

Updated Sep 4, 2018

You’ve been good; you really have. This week you:

  • Had the oven roasted chicken salad at Subway instead of the foot-long steak and cheese sub
  • Averted your eyes at the pastry display at the truck stop and got the fresh fruit cup for breakfast
  • Loaded your cooler with water and unsweetened ice tea instead of soda that is loaded with sugar
  • Packed a week’s worth of healthy snacks before you left the house

So you have earned a dessert, one that satisfies your sweet tooth, but also pays attention to that little voice in your head nagging, “Which do you want? A Snickers of your jeans to fit so you can breathe?”

Here are several recipes for some dishes that let you use the words “healthy” and desserts” at the same time. For the most part these are easy to put together and possible to create on the road depending on how sophisticated your truck’s bunk kitchen is.