Old Dominion second studio album arrives Aug. 25

Old Dominion’s second studio album, Happy Endings, arrives Aug. 25, and it includes the band’s single No Such Thing As a Broken Heart.

Old Dominion delivers its second studio album “Happy Endings”Old Dominion delivers its second studio album “Happy Endings”

“We are so excited to release our second album!” lead singer Matthew Ramsey told radio.com. “We’ve grown so much as a band and as songwriters over the last two years, and we think the songs on Happy Endings really showcase that. We cannot wait to share these new stories. August 25 cannot come fast enough!”

The band consists of Ramsey (lead vocals), Trevor Rosen (guitar, keyboards), Whit Sellers (drums), Geoff Sprung (bass guitar), and Brad Tursi (guitar).

Happy Endings is a followup to their debut Meat and Candy and showcases the band’s country/rock chops, and incorporates pop and hip hop sounds.

The album includes:

  1. “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart”
  2.  “Shoe Shopping”
  3.  “Not Everything’s About You”
  4. “Hotel Key”
  5. “Be with Me”
  6. “Written in the Sand”
  7. “So You Go”
  8. “Stars in the City” (featuring Little Big Town)
  9. “New York at Night”
  10. “A Girl Is a Gun”
  11. “Still Writing Songs About You”
  12. “Can’t Get You” (live)