A sensible alternative to yoga pants


There are times on the road — or at home for that matter — when you just don’t want to wear jeans. And, you want to be a little dressier than slipping into your favorite pair of sweats.

For those times — and many others — Duluth Trading for Women has a line of what it calls Noga (as in “no yoga” …) pants. They have four different cuts, depending on how  form-fitting you want them to be.

They have:

  • Four-way stretch relaxed leg pants
  • Straight leg stretch pants
  • Slim leg stretch oants
  • Four-way stretch leggings

All are made of silky, extra-dense Supplex nylon/Lycra® spandex fabric that flexes when and where you do. It gives support but doesn’t bind or constrict. The fabric also wicks away moisture to help keep you comfortable.

All are available online for $59.95.

Noga slim leg stretch pantsNoga slim leg stretch pants

Noga straight leg stretch pantsNoga straight leg stretch pants

Noga four-way stretch leggingsNoga four-way stretch leggings

Noga four-way stretch relaxed leg pantsNoga four-way stretch relaxed leg pants