Reward yourself with slow cooker apple crumble

Updated Jan 5, 2018
Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Crumble (Photo by How Sweet Eats)Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Crumble (Photo by How Sweet Eats)

Sometimes you just have to throw dietary caution to the wind and tuck into a warm, rich, decadent dessert at the end of a long day of driving.

It’s pretty easy to do just that without leaving your truck with this recipe for slow cooker caramel apple crumble from How Sweet Eats.

There are no exotic ingredients. In fact, you could probably find all you need at a decent convenience store or travel center that carries fresh fruit.

It cooks on low for four hours or high for two. The hard part may be letting it stand for an hour for the sauce to thicken.

Jessica at How Sweet Eats suggests serving it with vanilla ice cream, which is a brilliant idea. But, we’re guessing you could top it with canned whipped cream, or one of the whipped toppings readily available. The again, you could take the lid of the crock pot and grab a spoon.