Noso patches provide quick fixes on the road


Careful as we all may be, sometimes accidents occur and your jacket, vest or jeans winds up with a small rip or hole.

Noso pataches come in a variety of shapes.Noso pataches come in a variety of shapes.

While on the road, it’s often difficult to keep that small tear from becoming bigger. Truck stops may have showers and laundry services, but few if any offer the services of a seamstress or tailor.

However, a quick fix can be made with Noso patches and a little heat.

Available in several colors and shapes, these nylon patches make quick and easy repairs possible. All you have to do is remove the liner, press the patch into place and apply some heat to activate the adhesive. You can toss your garment in the dryer or just leave it in the sun for a quick and sturdy fix.

And, Noso patches add a stylish touch. They come in a variety of shapes including bucking horse and rider, flower, heart, butterfly, fish, skull and crossbones, “X” and bull skull.

Available online for $14.95.