Shower Pouch helps keep you fresh for the long haul

Shower Pouch comes in two scents — cucumber and bamboo — and unscented.Shower Pouch comes in two scents — cucumber and bamboo — and unscented.

Face it, try as you might, you can get only so clean and feel only so fresh using baby wipes to tidy up after a long, hot day on the road.

Yes, they are better than nothing when you can’t get to a shower, but they still don’t do the best job when you want to get clean.

Shower Pouch may be just the thing you need. And, here’s why:

  1. They are big, 24 inches x 12 inches
  2. They don’t leave you smelling like a baby that just got changed; they come in bamboo and cucumber scents and even unscented
  3. They are three times thicker than baby wipes, according to the maker
  4. They contain organic aloe leaf, witch Hazel, organic white willow bark and tea tree oil blend

So, at the end of the day, with Shower Pouch you can treat yourself to a shower — almost — without leaving your truck’s sleeper.

A box of 10 costs $40 online.