Filmmaker looking to ride along with female trucker


Danielle Katvan is making a film about a female truck driver and she’s looking for a driver to ride along with as part of her research.

Katvan is looking for a female driver from the San Francisco area who would be willing to allow Katvan and a camera person to shadow her. The goal of the ride-along would be for them to learn more about what it’s like to be a woman in trucking, as well as to take some test shots for filmmaking purposes.

“I’m writing my first feature film and the protagonist of the film is a female truck driver, so what I want to do is do a little bit of research and just ride along with someone who is an experienced driver and bring my camera guy along to get some mood footage of a driver out on the road and what that’s like and what her work is like,” Katvan said.

Drivers interested in participating should contact Katvan at [email protected]. Drivers should include information about the kind of trucking they do as well as a photograph of themselves, if they have one. Katvan will share the footage with the driver after the ride-along.