Notebook wallet for your driving details


Trucking can, at times, be all about the details. And, sometimes, even with all the mobile tech gear you have in your cab, you find yourself needing to jot down a note or two.

Inscribe Self’s combination notebook and wallet is easily at hand when you need it. Equipped with a small pen, this leather wallet allows you to carry cash and several cards in an RFID-blocking pocket to keep your cards safe. It also comes with two 2.5″ x 4.25″ notebooks, each with 32 pages.  (It will also accommodate many of the popular small notebooks like those made by Moleskine.)

The notebook’s cover slides into the back pocket of the wallet and the pen slides into the bottom or the top of the secret pocket.

While this may not replace your larger wallet or the pad you keep in your truck, it can come in handy when going into a truck stop, or at a shipper or receiver.

It’s not cheap at $69.95, but it’s a bit of affordable luxury that can also keep you on track on the road. Comes in black, brown and crimson. Order online.