Get wings ready for the game with slow cooker


This time of year brings with it:

  • The annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week Sept. 16-22
  • Back to school and the need to buy a long list of supplies
  • Pumpkin spiced everything
  • NFL football and the season to binge on the unofficial official food of the game, chicken wings

Just because you’re not home on a Sunday (or Monday night or Thursday night) for the big game, doesn’t mean you have to either a.) suffer through some convenience store wings reheated in your truck’s nuker or b.) watch the game without proper nutrition.

If you have a slow cooker in your cab, then you can have all the wings necessary for the big game. How you doctor them is up to you: sweet, crispy, BBQ, sweet and sour, mild, hot, super hot or insanely hot.

But, here are a few ideas for making wings in a slow cooker while you drive so you’re ready to eat at kickoff.