OverDryve Pro meets many driver needs

Rand McNally’s Overdryve Pro 8 provides truck-centric navigation and tools.Rand McNally’s Overdryve Pro 8 provides truck-centric navigation and tools.

When Rand McNally says its OverDryve Pro 8 is an all-in-one dashboard device, it truly means ALL-in-one.

The OverDryve Pro comes loaded with the sort of navigation tools needed by professional drivers. It’s also equipped to provide essential trucking business tools, as well as ones to keep a driver connected and entertained.  

With the OverDryve Pro, you can receive real-time updates about the weather, traffic, and fuel prices specific to your route. It also provides advanced lane guidance, toll costs, warnings, fuel logs, and points of interest including truck stops and parking. All is displayed on an 8-inch screen.

The built-in Rand McNally DriverConnect app allows you to log your duty hours. OverDryve Pro is ELD-ready, allowing you to simply connect the app to the ELD 50 or DC 200 device for a complete electronic logging solution.

It’s also set up so you can make and receive calls and send texts hands-free.

And, for your own protection, the OverDryve Pro includes a dash cam to record the road ahead.

Available online and at travel stops.