Small wallet saves space, protects your cards

We Go Goat’s small wallet that protects your cardsWe Go Goat’s small wallet that protects your cards

The trucker’s wallet — all but the size of a small briefcase and attached to your pants with a chain — is iconic in this industry. However, it’s always practical when you have lots to carry but want to economize on space.

This small wallet — what say we coin a new word and call it a “smallet”? — from We Go Goat gives you plenty of space for all the cards you need to carry and a place for your cash. Furthermore, it provides protection from folks who may wish to steal the information stored in chips on your credit card and in many cases your ID.

The “smallet” blocks devices that can read the RFID — radio frequency identification — chips on cards you keep in your wallet. This includes your truck stop loyalty cards, fuel cards, and your own credit/debit cards.

We Go Goat’s “smallet” has slots for nine cards as well as a place to stash your cash. But, if you’re looking for a place to carry receipts, this won’t work. It’s just 4.5 inches x about 3″. Comes in six colors.

You can order online for $17.99.