These wipes are big enough for when you can’t shower

Epic Wipes available online for $25. for 10.Epic Wipes available online for $25. for 10.

There are times when you need a shower but can’t, and the prospect of driving all day and/or night is not something you wish to even consider.

Many drivers learned a long time ago to keep baby wipes in their cab, but honestly, while they’re good for a touch up they often aren’t big enough for a real cleansing.

The same can’t be said for the appropriately named Epic Wipes. Measuring 31.5 inches x 19.7 inches, these towel-sized wipes are big enough for something approximating a shower.

Made of bamboo and infused with essential oils, Epic Wipes will leave you feeling clean at the end of the day and before you crawl into your sleeper berth.

A box of 10 Epic Wipes is $25, a fraction of the prices of a truck stop shower. Available online.