5 good laughs delivered by Netflix


Let’s face it, there are days when even the best-natured among us can wind up in a funk. It may be the traffic, dispatch, the lazy lumpers, the price of diesel or a creepy guy at the fuel island. But, whatever the cause, there are times when you’re done driving for the day and you need to lighten up a bit and have a good laugh.

Netflix to the rescue! Luckily, the streaming service is loaded with some good comedies this month. In fact, it has a number featuring funny women.

So, a bubble bath with a glass or two of wine before bed may be out of the question in your truck’s sleeper berth, but you can toss some Pop Secret in the microwave or break out that pint of Ben and Jerry’s you’ve been saving and stream a good laugh or two.

Here’s some of the funny stuff on Netflix these days.