Talent Search winner releases her four-song CD

Mandi Jo Pinheiro’s four-song CDMandi Jo Pinheiro’s four-song CD

Owner-operator Mandi Jo Pinheiro, in a team with her husband, William, recently released a four-song CD EP and three-song digital version. It was created in a recording session, which was part of her prize for winning last year’s Overdrive-Red Eye Radio Trucker Talent Search.

The “hard copy for old schoolers like me,” Pinheiro notes, is $10 for those “who still love CDs.” Paypal her directly and include your mailing address to get a copy, she says. Digital downloads are available via CDBaby.

Pinheiro said she wrote the song “Heartbeat” wrote “after asking a bunch of truckers their favorite roads to truck and why. It has odes to John Denver and a few others in it.”