Be alert to cargo theft in Memphis, Tennessee


Cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard has noted an increase in the last week in the rate of pilferage cargo thefts in a small area of southeast Memphis, Tennessee. The firm says a variety of product types have been targeted while waiting to deliver goods outside a customer, typically overnight.

“These pilferages have been relatively large scale, typically involving multiple pallets of merchandise rather than a few cases or boxes,” the firm said.

SensiGuard offers the following recommendations for drivers delivering to the Memphis area:

  • Minimize overnight waits as much as possible
  • Try to park inside the facility lot instead of the street, if possible
  • Use high-security seals or hardened padlocks that require more than bolt cutters to remove
  • Place a heavy-gauge wire seal at the top of the trailer that is inaccessible from the street level
  • Report to law enforcement any suspicious vehicles or individuals seen outside of distribution centers
  • Be alert for vehicles following you, and report any such activity